Regular Savings Account with Interest paid at maturity

This product is suitable for Customers who don’t need to use cash regularly and want to get interest on their savings

  • Term: From 1 week to 36 months
  • Currencies: VND, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD
  • Interest payment method: Principal and interest payment at maturity
  • Withdrawal before maturity: Customers can withdraw the entire fund before maturity and receive non-term interest rates.
  • Maturity: Interest is added to the principal and automatically start a new term equivalent to the previous term
  • Highest rate
  • Diversified terms
  • Opportunity to participate in attractive promotion programs
  • Customers can use savings as mortgage, discount and pledge for loans
  • Customers can deposit, withdraw money at any VP Bank transaction offices nationwide
  • Customers will receive notification of any deposit / withdrawal transactions
  • Applicants: Vietnamese citizens and foreigners who live and reside legally in Vietnam
  • Application documents: Savings Deposit Form