Receive money via Western Union online (ABMT)

With “ABMT – receiving money via Western Union online”, customers can receive money from anywhere and at anytime.
Please experience ABMT now to enjoy the convenient, safety and fast payment.

From 1/8/2013, VPBank has awarded 100 special gifts to 100 first customers making transactions and these gifts will be transferred to registered addresses of customers.

  • Receive money at anytime 24/7
  • Receivers do not have to pay any fees
  • Receive money at any location worldwide within minutes after the transaction is completed
  • Simple, convenient and safe to use
  • Customers register Internet Banking at any transaction offices of VPBank system
  • Receive the information about Western Union money transfer service from senders (10-digit money transfer code, name of sender, foreign country, the amount of transferred money)
  • Choose Western Union service at Western Union section on and enter exactly information of the transaction
How to use (Download file).