Domestic Remittance Service

Thanks to its leading banking technology, and nationwide network of branches and transaction offices, VPBank commits to providing money remittance/transfer service in the quickest, safest and the most convenient way

  • This service allows customers to make inward and outward remittance of VPBank system.
  • Customers are able to remit cash/transfer to any individuals or organizations with or without VPBank accounts
  • Customers shall be charged a small amount of fees for using this service.
  • Free of charge for inward and outward transfer/remittance in the same area.
  • Unlimited times of remittance and receiving in a day.
  • To transfer money to the beneficiary within Vietnam in the quickest, safest way to timely meet the customers' needs in the implementation of economic contracts, make sure to take advantage of the customers' business opportunities
  • Customers are able to receive money transfer and withdraw using nation ID card or via VPBank accounts at any transaction offices.
  • For money transfer to VPBank or internal transactions, the beneficiary shall receive money within the same working day.
  • Customers could avoid risks of missing money, sending to the wrong recipient address, or delay of postal services.
  • To save time and cost compared to transaction by cash.