Virtual payment cards (VPBank Visa SmartCash)

Virtual payment card (SmartCash) is a prepaid card into which customers must deposit before using to pay for goods and services or withdraw cash. Customers can only perform transactions within deposited amount. To open Smartcash card, customers do not need VPBank accounts.

As the standard Visa cards, this card has full features as well as security conditions as required by Visa.
1. This is the virtual card of which image and information is shown on online system. Customers do not have plastic card (physical card) as usual.
2. Cards are issued to meet the needs for safe and convenient online shopping and payment of customers.
Type of cards:
1. Unnamed Card: Cards are issued to customers without complete authentic information. Customers can start registering Unnamed card when providing some basic personal information. As unknown cards, they are allowed only one time of deposit, with a maximum amount of VND 5 million pursuant to current regulations of the State Bank of Vietnam. For multiple deposit times and larger amount, customers must comply with the registration procedures for Named Card with VPBank.
2. Named Card: Cards are issued to customers who have finished complete registration procedures with the bank, by completing the registration form and signing agreement in accordance with VPbank’s current regulations of opening, using and issuing cards. With Named Card, customers have higher deposit limit compared to Unnamed Cards as well as enjoy all features of Smartcash card. 
Card Validity:
1. Smartcash cards are valid for 2 years since the date of issuance.
2. Cards that expire soon with no balance will be closed.
3. Cards that expire soon with balances will be automatically re-issued for cardholders.
  1. Shopping: Payment of goods and services at online merchants.
  2. Cash withdrawal (only applicable to Named Card): Customers can transfer money to their VPBank account and withdraw cash at ATM or business units of the Bank. This function will be implemented in the near future.
  3. Money transfer within Smartcash card system (only applicable to Named Card, except for other permission by the State Bank of Vietnam): 
  • A registered account on the website can open up to 5 Unnamed cards. Customers can transfer money between cards belonging to their own account. 
  • Money transfer between Smartcash Card accounts: Customers can transfer money from their account to others within VPBank Smartcash card system. 
  • Money transfer to individuals without cards: Smartcash cardholders can also transfer money to individuals without cards by accessing the function Cash transfer on the card website and input the recipient's phone number and the amount. The beneficiary will receive a notification message and access to the website to open Smartcash cards to receive money as instructed.

        4. See Special Offers for Cardholders Here.

        5. For more details/Opening Cards Here.

Application conditions and Terms of use:
1. Unnamed Card: Customers are required to register on the card website the following information to open cards:
a) Full name;
b) Telephone number;
c) Email. 
2. Named Card: The use of cards must follow the registration form and agreement in accordance with VPBank’s current regulations. Cardholders must meet the following conditions: 
a) Vietnamese or foreign individuals living and working in Vietnam;
b) Having full civil act capacity pursuant to legal regulations;
c) Other conditions according to legal and VPBank regulations.. 
Scope: Cards are used to make payment for goods and services at online merchants, transfer money, deposit and others..
  • On Vietnam territory, all card transactions must be performed in Vietnamese dong or converted into Vietnamese dong.
  • Outside Vietnam territory, international card transactions are performed in Vietnamese dong, free-to-convert foreign currencies and other currencies accepted by Card payment organizations as payment currency in current transactions pursuant to legal regulations on foreign exchange management.
    VPBank is obliged to manage card limit with cards issued by VPBank pursuant to current legal regulations on foreign exchange management.
Temporary Lock and Close of cards:
1. Temporary lock of cards: During the time of validity, customers can temporarily lock their cards which are not in use on the system. 
2. Close of cards: 
a) Expired cards without balance are automatically closed and customer have to open new card if they wish to use. Customers will be notified on the system and by email 15 days before the expired date. 
b) For cards which are not recharged within 30 days since the date of opening, VPBank will close and cancel on the system. 
c) For cards without any transactions within 6 months, VPBank will close and charge closing fees. 
d) Close of cards before expiry: Customers and VPBank can close/cancel the card before the expired date if the cards bring risks for customer and/or the Bank. In the event that cards are closed by the bank, customers will be informed about the reasons accordingly.
Deposit into Cards:
To use cards, customers must deposit money into cards. The ways of top-up include:
1. Deposit with Smartcash Voucher: Customers buy top-up cards (code) from VPBank’s Distributors and deposit on the card website 
2. Transfer from bank accounts: Customers can transfer money into the cards from their bank accounts: 
a) Direct deposit through VPBank internet banking services (i2b) 
b) For customers who do not use i2b, they can transfer from their accounts at other credit institutions to VPBank under the guidance on card website. 
3. Deposit from other Smartcash Cards: The Named Smartcash cards within the system can transfer money to other cards.
4. Other top-up channels are developed from time to time.
Regulations on management of card limit and risk: For more details Here.