MC2 Credit Mastercard

International VPBank Mc2 MasterCard is for those who are young, dynamic and fashionable. The card has unique and stylish design with a delicate curve and crystalline material. The VPBank MC2 MasterCard is an international credit card in compliance with EMV standard with high level of security and a chip placed on the front of the card in order to store the customer's information. Cards are issued by VPBank to advance a line of credit to customers to make payments at any POS worldwide, and customers are allowed to spend within their granted revolving credit limit

Kiểu so sánh: 
  • Card validity: 05 years
  • Credit limit: VND 10-50 million
  • Youthful design with different color options 
  • Ability to apply for up to 5 supplementary cards
  • To make payments at more than 10,000 establishments in Vietnam and over 25 million establishments in the world that carry the MasterCard logo
  • To withdraw money at over 4,000 VPBAnk ATMs and over 1 million ATMs worldwide with MasterCard logo
  • To enjoy up to 45-day repayment without interest charge 
  • To enjoy promotions and privileges at thousands of places worldwide

Application Conditions

  • Vietnamese and resident foreigners
  • Monthly income starting from VND 5,000,000 (Five million VND)

Application Procedures:

  • VPBank  MasterCard Application Form (download VPBank's template)
  • Copy of valid ID Card or passport (please bring the original ones for verification purposes)
  • Copy of permanent household registration book (please bring the original ones for verification purposes)
  • Invoice of electricity/water/internet/TVcable service of the latest month 
  • Copy of valid labor contract (please bring the original ones for verification purposes)
  • Copy of the detailed bank statement of the last 03 months certified by the issuing bank