E-banking services

Welcome to Internet Banking (i2b), VPBank’s online bank. Glad you could join us

VPBank offers a complete E-banking suite so that you can do most of your banking sitting from your home or office. Moreover we have ensured that it is completely safe and secure. And also very simple.Our E-banking suite offers you:

  • Internet Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • E-Commerce

Mobile Banking

From now on, customers can easily do banking transactions 24/7 with Android mobile phones. To get started, apply for VPBank Online and VPBank Mobile Banking services.

VPBank Mobile Banking is an electronic banking application on mobile phones developed by VPBank.

Being simple, convenient and safe to use, VPBank Mobile Banking brings to customers a new banking experience with useful features.


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E-commerce service

E-commerce Service of VPBank enables the customers to use the VPBank's domestic debit card/current accounts to pay for their purchases of products and services directly such as hotel reservations, tour bookings, mobile phone purchases, buying books and making payments for hotdeals in various group coupons sites and a lot of other useful features

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