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Sản phẩm mới

VPBiz Debit Card helps SMEs to perform banking transactions and pay for goods more conveniently. Now, goods payment, cash withdraw and banking transactions have become easier than ever.

VPBiz Credit Card, an international credit card allows cardholders to perform transactions within the circulating credit limit as granted pursuant to the agreement with VPBank.

In order to increase advantages for VPBank cardholders and meet the increasing demand of customers, VPBank has deployed POS card payment service at the points of sale such as commercial centers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, ticket agents.

VPBank provides this service to corporate customers with demands for collecting money from remitters via VPBank's wide transaction network.

Corporate customers via this service authorize VPbank to automatically debit money from the customers' account to transfer to the beneficiary a determined sum of money or to ensure the maximum pre-defined balance on a specific day of the month or on a daily basis

VPBank will make payment as required by the customer based on the content of Cheque submitted to VPBank. Customers can request VPBank to debit from their account to pay for the beneficiaries named in the Cheque or paying the Cheque holder a certain amount in cash or by bank transfer; or customers can use Cheque to withdraw cash from their own account

Authorized Cash payment at customers' location. VPBank will set a transaction counter and perform authorized cash payment to individuals / organizations to receive money at customer counters. At the end of the day, the bank will debit the Customer's account at VPBank. The content of  cash payment entries will be summarized and reported as required by the customers

This service helps receive money transferred from domestic partners as payment for customers with VPBank accounts

VPBank provides this optimal financial management service to help customers automatically transfer money between accounts at VPBank to concentrate financial resources on the parent company for maximum profitability and control of receipts and payments of member units